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Protecting the Rights of the Accused


It is crucial that you call us as soon as you can after your arrest to insure your rights are protected from the very beginning of your ordeal.

Criminal Lawyers

A felony conviction stays on your record for life and the Punishments can be severe. Convictions can affect your job prospects and it becomes more difficult to finance a house or business. You may even be facing a jail sentence.

But even though you have been arrested, you still have legal rights that must be protected. This is where our experience as criminal lawyers can help. When you come to us, our primary goals are dismissal of the case or reduction of the penalty.

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Due process

From the moment of arrest and at every stage of the process, including a fair hearing, due process protects your rights. There must be probable cause for your arrest. And issues of custody and interrogation on the part of the police may unfairly incriminate you. Police must believe that a crime has been committed by the suspect.

Protecting rights

We've represented clients in felony and misdemeanor cases. Everything from embezzlement and other white collar crimes to assault and drug arrests. Overzealous law enforcement can cost you unwarranted fines and/or imprisonment. We're here to protect your rights and see that your case is adjudicated quickly, ethically, and professionally.

Investigating Cases

We'll investigate your case thoroughly looking for any grounds for dismissal or acquittal, including illegal search and seizure, police misconduct, and proof of your innocence. We know law enforcement procedures and the legal process here in the greater Utica area. We know the people and the systems well enough to give you the best chance for success in your case.

We Can Help win your Case

We have represented clients in felony and misdemeanor cases in Oneida, Herkimer, and Madison County Court.  We realize that navigating law enforcement and the criminal justice system can be overwhelming.  It is difficult to understand the complex legal process or the seriousness of the penalties you could face.

Falsely Accused

If you are falsely accused of a crime, you may be the victim of overzealous law enforcement.

Or you may have been misidentified or perjured by a witness. Most police departments are overwhelmed with caseloads. How do you cut through to the truth and prove your innocence?

In either case, wrongly accused or misidentified, we can help you protect your Constitutional rights and navigate the court system to your advantage.

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We'll help you solve your legal issues with prepardeness and  an aggressive approach.  Having served in the Utica area for over 40 years, we know the local landscape.


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